Apalus Brush Hair Straightener Review

Apalus Brush Hair Straightener

There has been a lot of talk about the Apalus brush hair straightener. While these types of straighteners were considered a mildly viable alternative to flat irons in recent years, they were also limited in their technological abilities. The Apalus seemed to be different, and I’ve decided to put it to the test to see if the rumors are true, and if brush hair straighteners have really reached such an advanced level.

Does It Actually Work?

In my case, I found the Apalus’ temperature settings a little confusing at first, but it only took me a few minutes to figure out exactly what I did even without anyone showing me. I think that already says a lot about the ease of use of this device.

The brush itself does exactly what it’s supposed to. It heats up in just a few seconds, and you can already start using it as soon as it does. It has a convenient little screen showing you the temperature either in Fahrenheit or Celsius (Fahrenheit is default) and the bristles go through your hair without really meeting much resistance.

It definitely gives you faster results than a regular brush, and it’s also more effective. Depending on how unruly or stubborn your hair may be, of course, your experience may vary. However, I’ve seen this brush do wonders even for a friend of mine who has the thickest and curliest jet black hair I’ve ever seen.

Apalus Brush Hair Straightener

How to Use the Brush Hair Straightener

The Apalus brush hair straightener is easy enough to use. All you have to take note of is to keep in mind not to keep your hand on the bristles for extended periods of time (the heat coming from the brush itself can burn, even if the bristles themselves aren’t hot) and to avoid using any leave in products, since they can be burnt off if the temperature setting is high enough.

Before starting to use it, it’s also important to get a clear picture of what the various temperature settings are for and how to adjust them properly. The device is set on 360 degrees as a default setting for all types of hair. It can go up to 450 degrees, but that should only be used for thick and wavy hair. The 410 degree setting is generally reserved for natural texture hair, and there’s also a precaution saying that you should never go above 125 degrees when using the brush for moisturizing or oil treatments.

Make sure you turn it on using the power button, and adjust the Apalus’ temperature controls according to your needs. The device takes about 8-10 seconds to heat up, gives off constant temperature, and adequately heats your hair like a curling iron, but its unique construction and high quality, thick ergonomic bristles make it much easier to use.

In order to use it, first make sure your hair is properly washed and dried, then simply take an area of your hair just a little narrower than the brush itself, support it at its base with your free hand, and drive the brush through it as you would a regular brush. Once you’re done, you will have the silky, smooth hair you’ve wanted. It’s as simple as that!

Are Brush Hair Straighteners Better Than Flat Irons?

Although flat irons are known for their ability to tackle even the most unruly hair you can think of by applying intense heat directly onto it, brush hair straighteners have progressed a great deal in the past few years, and now feature advanced technology that uses lower heat and reliable ceramic construction to keep it constant. This means they work both on damp and blow dried hair at peak efficiency.

Also, brush hair straighteners are considered most effective when you have thin, sensitive or even damaged hair. In that case it would be a poor choice to use a flat iron, and you can only really get excellent results with a product like the Apalus brush hair straightener.

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