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Are Hair Removal Creams Safe?

Hair Removal Cream SafetyHair removal creams are a popular alternative to shaving or epilating. They present both advantages and disadvantages, so let’s try to put them in balance and be prepared to make the best choices when it comes to making our skin look perfect. There are some safety concerns to hair removal creams as you can see below but if you follow some of the simple steps before you use them you can minimise the risk.

Cons to Hair Removal Creams

Regardless of their many advantages, hair removal creams are not suitable for everyone, and here is why.

People with sensitive skin may experience problems if they use such cosmetic products because of the presence of strong chemical compounds with a role in the decomposition of keratin. These chemicals may cause redness, more or less severe irritation and even burns or allergies. It is very important to use these creams according to their instructions and to not allow their presence on the skin for longer than necessary. Also, considering that the use of hair removal creams involves some risks, it is really necessary to test them on a small area of the skin and wait for 24 hours before using them on the rest of the body, to see if your skin tolerates or reacts negatively to such products.

Used for a long time, hair removal creams can stain your skin, because of the Thioglycolate acid compounds that have an acidic effect.

Another thing to consider is that these products have similar results to shaving: the hairs are not pulled out from the follicles, but only removed from the skin surface, which means that the hair removal effect will not last too long; the new hairs will show up the next day or, if you are lucky, in the next two or three days after hair removal.


What is obvious about hair removal creams is that they seem to be a viable and convenient solution: they are not too expensive, they are easy to use and can be applied on areas where the razor or the epilator can be difficult to work with, their effects are almost immediate and they cause no pain. At first glance, all is great, and experts come with another pro for these cosmetic products: hair removal creams act like a scrub as well, by removing the layer of dead cells from the surface of the skin and thus making it look and feel a lot smoother.


So, are hair removal creams an option after all?

Well, it is up to everyone to decide, according to their own preferences and the way they experience the advantages and disadvantages of these cosmetic products. We certainly cannot say that these creams are better or worse than other hair removal methods; every method has pros and cons.

But if you prefer this option for hair removal, here are some tips that you can consider for achieving the best results.

  • Before using a hair removal cream, clean your skin with soap and water, or take a quick warm shower.
  • Read the user instructions on the package carefully. Apply the cream in a uniform layer, without rubbing. Wait as long as you are told in the instructions, then rinse with warm water.
  • If you feel any kind of discomfort while using the cream, remove it immediately.
  • Do not use this kind of products on areas not specified on the packaging.

When thinking about using hair removal creams, consider your safety first of all.

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