Baby Foot Peel Review

Baby Foot Peel

When I first found out about the “Baby Foot craze” on social media, I was quite surprised to see so many pictures of feet in different stages of peeling being shared around – definitely not a sight you’ll want to linger on. What intrigued me, however, and made me ultimately buy the product, was the incredible claim that the manufacturers put forth.

The Baby Foot peel we review was designed to act as a natural compound exfoliating and moisturizing your foot. It is based on natural fruit acid which is much more mild and pleasant than other acids, while conveniently and efficiently penetrating the skin and removing dead skin tissue.

The web is filled with testimonials claiming the foot peel is revolutionary and that it can improve a whole host of foot related problems(and foot odor). Do all these facts pan out? We shall see.

Why You Should Use the Baby Foot Peel

As I’ve also found while trying it out on my own feet, the Baby Foot peel definitely has a lot going for it, so you have plenty of good reasons why you should consider using it.

First of all, it’s worth mentioning that aside from the fruit acids it contains, the Baby Foot also features lactic acid and glycolic acid which are both recommended by dermatologists. The acids work together as part of a highly effective formula to break the bonds between dead skin cells, causing the dead skin to peel off.

The skin peels off gradually, and I found that it comes off pretty easily over time, without needing any encouragement. Also, the acids are mild enough to leave the underlying skin layer untouched, so that you’ll get smooth, silky skin once the unwanted layers peel off.

The product is also recommended through numerous reviews and testimonials posted both by experts and regular users claiming that it can help with anything from improving foot odor and nurturing the skin, to enhancing blood circulation – all exceptional benefits considering that the price is pretty low to begin with.

There are a number of labour intensive ways to remove the dead skin from your feet, but this foot peel is probably the simplist and bar far the best results I have seen.

Tips on How to Get Softer Feet

Getting softer feet with the Baby Foot peel is simply a matter of applying it correctly and taking all the necessary safety precautions to avoid over-exfoliating.

After the first application, it’s important to be patient. Dead skin layers will start peeling about 3-7 days later, and you should never try to forcibly remove the skin. Sometimes the skin will become drier before the peeling begins, so if you experience that just use a light oil-free beauty product to moisturize sparingly.

It can take up to 2 weeks until the skin peels all the way off, although times may vary from person to person. Before reapplying (if required) always wait up to 2 weeks after the first treatment is completed.

Baby Foot Peel

Is the Baby Foot Peel Safe?

Although there are a few discrepancies between experts – some of which consider that the glycolic acid contained in Baby Foot could present potential side effects – there are very few actual reviews that claim it doesn’t live up to general expectations.

The consensus is that Baby Foot is safe to use as long as you apply it in the right dosage, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Also, as I found it presented no side effects while I used it, and it did deliver the expected results as promised.

Overall, there isn’t enough information from reliable medical sources to attest to the fact that Baby Foot is 100​ safe, but according to most experts you can always try a test patch at first, and see how it works for you before considering its long term use. Chances are it will work just right in a large percentage of cases.

As you can see – and as I was pleasantly surprised to conclude – the Baby Foot peel is entirely effective and safe, not to mention quite affordable when you think of all the benefits that it has to offer. If you want a reliable and natural foot peel, I’d definitely recommend the Baby Foot, even for those with a variety of inconvenient foot problems.

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