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Heaven's Bliss Ice Derma Skin Roller

Derma rollers are revolutionary, yet strikingly simple devices designed to improve skin integrity, make skin treatments more effective, and bring you a whole host of other remarkable advantages that we’ll be looking at later.

With a reliable derma roller, you can create ideally punctured and spaced microscopic channels in your skin that will encourage the formation of new tissue and allow your skin to heal more effectively. It is, therefore, of great importance not only to look for the most well-priced derma rollers available, but also for the most durable, efficient and well-designed devices sold by reputable brands.

Benefits of Using a Derma Roller

  • A derma roller can induce the body’s wound-healing processes – hemostasis-inflammation-proliferation-tissue remodeling – and cause damaged skin tissue to heal itself without scars.
  • Any skin products or hair growth formulas you may be using will be infinitely more effective due to the tiny channels generated by your derma roller.
  • Micro-needling also manages to tackle fine wrinkles effectively, providing an alternative to complex procedures such as laser treatment.
  • Even individual deep wrinkles can be addressed.
  • Derma rolling will help you with anything from loose skin, to uneven pigmentation, scars, sun-damaged skin tissue and stretch marks.

How to Safely Use a Derma Roller

There are a few important measures you always have to take before using a derma roller. First of all, make sure you shower and wash the area you’ll be using the roller on.

Next, use disinfecting alcohol to wipe your hands, the skin area and the table where you’ll be placing the derma roller. Optimal hygiene is key here!

Make sure you roll in a pattern, and pull the skin with your other hand while you use the derma roller on it, for maximum efficiency. Spread the pricks evenly by first rolling the area horizontally, then vertically for best results.

Generally, no aftercare is needed if you use needles smaller than .5 mm, however, for larger ones you’ll find your skin will turn red and maybe even a little swollen. Make sure you keep it properly moisturized, and use a thin layer of ointment containing vitamins A and D. Also, avoid exposing the micro-needled area to the sun for up to several days after the treatment.

How to Pick a Derma Roller

Although there are several key aspects you have to remember about derma rollers – some of which are mentioned above – you’ll find a few that will make it entirely easy for you to choose the best rollers on the market.

The first is needle length – which has to be chosen specifically for the type of skin you have. For sensitive skin and thin areas, you can use anything from .25 to .75 mm, while 1 mm needles will give you the best micro-needling benefits.

The handle length, size and grip should be adequate for your hand. Make sure you check the specifics and measurements before you buy, since your entire micro-needling experience will depend on it.

Finally, find out if the product is known for its durability, before you buy it. As for the number of needles, it’s always a good idea to hunt for a roller with a broader construction that uses a greater number of needles to cover as much skin as possible in one go. Of course, it also depends on your specific applications. Smaller skin areas and tighter spaces will warrant the use of tinier derma rollers.

The Top 4 Derma Roller Products Available

Here are the top best derma rollers I’ve tried out myself. You’ll find the products are provided by the best manufacturers, and made to offer an ideal micro-needling experience.

Heaven's Bliss Ice Derma Skin Roller

1. Heaven's Bliss Ice Derma Skin Roller

The Heaven’s Bliss Ice Derma is one of the best skin rollers I’ve tried out. I’ve found it helps a lot to ease the pain and alleviate any complications after cosmetic treatments (whether Botox, laser treatment or common waxing). Also, it’s very safe and non-invasive, and aside from the affordable price, it comes with a lifetime guarantee!

This product has a seriously delightful positive side effect as I noticed after only a single use: it cures tension headaches. If you get chronic pain or unexpected muscle pain as a side effect after another treatment, the Ice Derma will even take care of that.

Beauty Facial Skin Care Kit

2. Beauty Facial Skin Care Kit

This product is perfect if you want to revitalize your skin with vitamin C-based lotion, and get rid of dead skin cells for a much smoother, shinier and more appealing look. I’ve used it a single time, and it was not only incredibly comfortable and fast, but also quite painless.

Moreover, I’ve found the handle fits perfectly, and the 1.0 mm needle size is ideal for use on the body – something you don’t get from many smaller and flimsier looking derma rollers. Cleaning the roller with alcohol after each use is a must as always, but with this one the process is extremely straightforward – I’d say it’s definitely worth recommending!

Visage Health and Beauty Derma Roller

3. Visage Health and Beauty Derma Roller

This is both an ice massager and a convenient, easy to use derma roller in the same package. What I really like about it is that you can use it as a convenient and soothing skin roller before applying make-up. I’ve also used the Visage for a relaxing body massage, and the claim that it can offer pain relief is an understatement. In just a few minutes I felt perfectly relaxed and revitalized, while my muscle pain was gone.

What I really found to be the Visage’s strong point, however, is that after just one week I felt my skin much tighter and more vibrant than with any other derma roller.

LittleBlack Cosmetics Total Body Skin Care System

4. LittleBlack cosmetics Total Body Skin Care System

This 5-in-1 total body system is like the “holy grail” of derma rollers. It can be used for cellulite, age spots, stretch marks, scars and even preventing hair loss. There are four different attachments for various applications, and you can use just about any gel, ointment, moisturizer or skincare formula you can think of.

What I found while using the LittleBlack total body system was that, if used properly (it can take a while to figure you all the attachments at first), you can enjoy an almost completely painless experience, and it’ll make your skin feel very soft as soon as the next morning. I used it mainly for stretch marks and acne scarring in a couple of places, and it worked out extremely well!

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