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The Best Epilators on The Market 2017

Smooth legs after hair removalChoosing the best epilator for any particular job can be a difficult task. Whether you want a device that runs smoothly, is great for sensitive skin, or features long enough battery life to last you for as long as you need it, there are many great choices to consider.

The following are ten of the most reliable, well-designed, durable and highly rated epilators available on the market today.

What Is An Epilator and How Does It Work?

Epilators are a modern solution to an age old problem that has been troubling women since time immemorial. Compared to other tools and methods designed for removing unwanted hair, small, handheld epilator devices are often considered less expensive, more convenient and far handier in the long run.

But are epilators really better than using razors or various waxing methods? Let’s take a look at some of the main considerations regarding what epilators are, how they work, and whether you should use them.

What Do Epilators Do?

Unlike regular electronic shavers, epilators are like electronic tweezers that are used to remove hair as close to the follicle level as possible. They can cover most of the basic areas, including legs, arms and underarms, as well as the bikini area, the face and other places that are normally difficult to reach with a basic razor or other hair removal devices.

As opposed to waxing or tweezing, an epilator makes use of electrically controlled, intricate systems of spinning discs and springs that capture hair at the skin level. The hairs are pulled out at their root, so that the skin is left smooth and silky at the end of the procedure.

Epilators can be powered directly from a cord or using only batteries. Some can be used while charging, while some require as little as an hour to charge fully, then provide about 30-40 minutes of continuous battery functionality. Waterproof devices are also available at a decent price.

These can be used both on dry skin and in the shower or bath.The Best Epilators on The Market

Types of Epilators

The first epilators were spring type epilators that were either corded or using low quality batteries that would take a long time to charge fully.

Today you can find dozens of brands advertising high end cordless epilators and hair removal kits that are designed with multiple functionality options for anything from removing underarm hair and facial hair, to eliminating calluses and using hypoallergenic blades to tackle hair on sensitive skin.

Here are three of the main types of epilators you can consider purchasing:

  • Spring Type: This type of epilator was first to appear in 1986, and feature multiple springs squeezed together to capture hairs as easily as possible. They also come with a rotating mechanism that allows you to pull all the hairs out with ease, just by moving the epilator across your skin in a gentle motion.
  • Rotating Disc Type: With these epilators you get more or less the same results, except they use small rotating discs instead of springs. The device rapidly rotates the discs and the resulting motion causes an effect similar to that of tweezers, grabbing hairs and removing them from their base with ease.
  • Tweezer Type: Unlike earlier designs, tweezer-based epilators use a more refined and innovative construction based on small disc shaped, tweezer-like plates that are discontinued in certain areas. The perfected design makes it possible for the device to pull on hairs more efficiently and get them out by their roots.

 Do Epilators Work?

Opinions about the effectiveness of epilators vary when comparing them to other hair removal methods such as waxing. However, there are many advantages to using epilators, their convenience and ease of use being one of the first that needs to be considered. The procedure can be performed conveniently at home, and you don’t need any special skills or additional equipment except a small handheld electric epilator.

The results are extremely impressive in most cases, especially when using a high quality epilator. Nowadays most epilators use advanced technology, sturdy blades, tweezers and various accessories for obtaining long lasting smooth skin, as well as callus and dry skin removal. A good epilator will also remove all hairs evenly, even in areas that most razors can’t reach too easily.

Moreover, since epilators don’t need any special formulas, substances or creams to work, they don’t cause a mess. Cleaning an epilator is easy, and they can even be taken along on a trip for quick hair removal on a short notice.

How Long Do the Results Last?

According to Braun results can last up to 4 weeks. We found that 1-2 weeks is a more realistic time scale but everyone is different and our hair grows at different rates. The hair will also grow back more slowly in time, and since epilators can cause hair to grow back thinner, the procedure will become easier and easier over the next months and years. Keeping your epilator clean and using the right technique to avoid delays and tackle even problems like calluses and ingrown hair may also be quite essential.

Epilators also take a lot less time to finish removing all unwanted hair when compared to other devices and methods. Waxing can take up to two hours, while an epilator will finish the job in less than an hour.

Does It Hurt?

Whether or not epilators are more painful than methods like waxing is generally a subjective matter, however, most users definitely consider that waxing hurts a whole lot more.

Women in pain


With epilators it depends on the type of epilator you are using, whether or not you have sensitive skin (and are using an epilator especially designed to prevent damage and irritatio

n on sensitive skin) and on the method you use. In most cases a well-designed, moderately priced electric epilator can remove your hair without damaging or irritating your skin.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that epilating will gradually hurt less the more you do it, and some advanced epilators can use slower speed settings and can be utilized on wet skin, so the pain is significantly diminished in that case.

Where Can You Use an Epilator?

You can use an epilator on practically any part of your body as long as there are no contraindications involved. Some epilators include specialized heads or accessories designed for specific areas of the body, such as the face. Normally removing facial hair with a full-size epilator is not recommended. You see the best epilators that we recommend for face here.

It’s also worth considering buying specialized epilators designed only for a particular area. Facial epilators are highly popular, and offer additional solutions such as special heads for removing unwanted makeup residue.

While epilators are slowly becoming highly sophisticated, using them is increasingly easier and more convenient, as well as a lot cheaper when compared to the usual price you’d pay at a beauty salon.

Tips On How to Use An Epilator

Step 1

The newest epilators have discs and tweezers that can pull even the smallest hair (1-2 mm); however, just to be sure that the epilation will be fully effective, you may consider waiting for your hair to become at least about 3-4 mm long.

Step 2

Prepare your skin for the procedure. Take a warm shower and use a scrubbing lotion to loosen ingrown hairs and soothe your skin. Start the epilating process as soon as you came out of the shower (unless you have an epilator with Wet feature and can handle the job while in the bathroom).

Step 3

Stretch the skin as well as you can with one hand, and with the other hand use the epilator in a 90 degree position. Also, note that correct hair removal must be done in the opposite direction of hair growth.

Step 4

Insist with the epilator on areas where your hair grows more often, even if it may not be noticeable yet; otherwise, the hair will surely become visible in just a couple of days and you won’t like it.

Step 5

Once you are done, make sure to moisturize your skin with a special lotion or skin-friendly oil.

Other things and tricks to keep in mind

If your skin is very sensitive to pain, but you still want to use an epilator, take a mild analgesic 30 minutes before the procedure and consider applying ice packs on the skin, after epilation. If you have more serious skin problems or even medical conditions related to the skin (moles, pimples, psoriasis etc.) it is advisable to first talk with a dermatologist before using an epilator.

Slightly traumatized skin often reacts to hair removal, causing the appearance of small reddish spots that will disappear after a few hours. Therefore, you should probably avoid using the epilator before going to the beach, or a few minutes before going to a party. The best time for hair removal is in the evening, before bedtime. Also remember that hair removal involves good hygiene, which is extremely important so that your skin does not become too sensitive, irritated or infected.

Braun Silk-épil 7 7681 Wet and Dry Cordless

Braun’s Silk-Epil 7 7681 cordless epilator is one of the most well-designed and overall best hair removal devices currently available. It can be used on both wet and dry hair, being easy to operate even in the bath or shower. You get no less than 40 close-up tweezers to remove hair as short as .5 mm, and its cordless design makes for extremely practical operation.

Some of the most recognized and loved features of the Braun epilator are its speed personalization settings allowing you to choose the perfect speed for all your needs and its versatile attachments – including a facial cap, shaver head, trimmer cap and sensitive area cap.

Emjoi Epi Slim

The Emjoi Epi is another hi-tech epilator available at a fair price. This battery-powered device is known for its improved motor and reliable hair removal process. It can remove hair conveniently even from the most delicate areas, and features 9 tweezers designed to remove all hair from the root. The Emjoi is portable, light and easy to operate, it is great for traveling.

Panasonic ES-WD51-P

Panasonic’s 3-in-1 epilator and hair removal system integrates some of the newest and most advanced technology on the market for flawless hair removal. A dual disc system, its gliding head technology and advanced nickel-free hypoallergenic blades are both ideal for the most difficult of tasks and suitable for anyone – whether you’re prone to allergies, looking for a sturdy device or interested in something to help with your sensitive skin.

Past users simply love the Panasonic’s delicate feel and the fact that it can run on full power for up to 40 minutes per charge. Also, this is one of the few highly advanced epilators you can really benefit from as a first-time user.

Braun Silk-épil 9 9-579 Wet and Dry Cordless

Braun’s Silk-epil 9 uses a wider epilation head and Braun’s futuristic MicroGrip tweezer technology to remove hair with the greatest precision. It’s capable of eliminating hairs four times smaller than if you waxed, and it also comes with unique features like the high frequency massage cap.

Its convenient, ergonomic design, quality wet and dry functionality for easy epilating in the bath, and bonus Braun facial brush for removing makeup impurities have made this Braun product one of the most loved epilator products on the market.

3-in-1 Refago

This unique device is somewhat of an all-in-one maintenance tool for women interested in shaving their hair more conveniently without having it grow back as fast. The Refago features rechargeable technology, a 40{91811810f670a3842b43e9d3a4934fb39ff41e3614a4510a40bbc86c11a76018} wider head and a comfortable grip due to its ergonomic design. Users love the fast and painless experience they get from this epilator, as well as its innovative callus remover.

Philips HP6576 Satin Perfect

Phillips’ HP6576 is a high quality hypoallergenic epilator with textured ceramic discs that is seen by hundreds of past buyers as the best epilator on the market. An active massage system soothes your skin and the vibrating hair lifter feature lifts and removes even flat-lying hairs without a problem.

The long lasting battery, durable ceramic heads, multiple attachments, attractive design and helpful LED light are among the features most buyers consider to be the best. Many were also impressed by the fact that the epilator can be used while charging and it features a convenient, long cord.

Codream 4-in-1

The Codream 4-in-1 rechargeable epilator is a complete system designed for shaving, epilating, callus removal and getting fast haircuts all in a single package. Although not as established as Phillips and Braun, the Codream brand has received a lot of recognition in past years.

The device is affordable, quick and practical, and it also features a strong battery that lasts for a long time when it’s fully charged. The Codream is also quite gentle, and its handy LED light will help you reach poorly lit areas more easily.

Panasonic ED90 Wet/ Dry

This Panasonic device is a multi-functional epilator for women that is also a high performance electric razor designed to offer a complete hair removal experience with its dual-speed motor and six snap-on buffer attachments for pedicures and hair removal.

Users enjoy hypoallergenic blades and a resilient waterproof design that can easily shave off and remove unwanted hair and dry, rough skin even under hot water. The ED90 charges quickly, in only one hour, and provides fast and easy functionality with a battery that lasts for up to 30 minutes on a full charge.

The Sminiker 3 in 1 Waterproof Hair Removal Kit

Sminiker has become an established brand, and its new waterproof hair removal kit is quite a competitor on the market today. The device uses two integrated trimmers to ensure an ideal bikini lines and quickly take care of armpits, arms and legs.

Its 2-mode power switch, resilient waterproof construction and gentle callus remover are among the Sminiker device’s most commended assets.

These are just some of the most dependable and practically designed epilators you can find at a fair price. Choosing the best epilator out of these 10 may be easier than you think, especially if you already know what you’re looking for.


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