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The Best Facial Epilators On The Market [2017]

When you’re looking for the best facial epilator currently available, there are several options you can consider. One of the best would be to use an epilator that’s especially designed to remove facial hair and prevent stray hairs, irritation and unwanted delays.

Another solution is to find a full body epilator that you can also use on your face. These devices are multi-functional, often featuring ingenious all-in-one designs that make them suitable for many different uses.

Regardless of what your pick might be, the following tips and facial epilator recommendations should help you decide on one of the most well-designed and easy to use hair removal devices currently on the market.

Specially Designed Facial Epilators

Let’s face it, a good epilator can give you results similar to what you’d get from professional waxing. However, not all epilators are built equal, and if you truly want the best results you have to get a second epilator especially for your face.

Now, this may not be 100{91811810f670a3842b43e9d3a4934fb39ff41e3614a4510a40bbc86c11a76018} necessary for everyone; however, by using one of the best facial epilator devices on the market you get more accessories and attachments especially designed to ensure your facial skin stays silky, protected, clean and smooth far longer than with any other epilator. Also, these devices will help you fend off unwanted rashes and irritation that you’d get from lower quality full-body epilators. The following are three of the best epilators for removing facial hair available in their price range.

Braun Face 820

Braun’s mini facial hair remover is the first of its kind to be equipped with a cleansing brush and an epilator. This is a complete system using a compact design that allows it to be both efficient and ergonomic.

The face epilator uses 10 micro-openings that catch even the smallest hairs (down to 0.02 mm) without hurting or irritating your facial skin. With the face brush you can gently massage and cleanse your skin pore-deep with high frequency micro-oscillations that ensures the cleaning process is six times more thorough than with manual cleaning.

Emjoi Tweeze eRase E6

The Emjoi Tweeze is one of the most gentle facial epilator you will find at a price you really can’t beat. This futuristic little device uses advanced erase glide technology to smoothly remove all hair within seconds with gentle, circular motions and a six-tweezer design meant to eliminate unwanted hair from the root with no irritation, pulling or scratching.

Much faster than regular tweezers and just as effective as some of its more expensive competitors, the Emjoi eRase has been a real lifesaver for hundreds of satisfied users and deemed a reliable and versatile product by expert reviews. If you have hormonal problems, sensitive skin or any other problem that doesn’t allow you to wax, tweeze or even use most facial epilators, the eRase may be just the gentle little device you need.

Full Body Epilators That Can Be Used on the Face

Full body epilators are not usually recommended to be used on facial hair. Their size, power and overall construction is normally designed for keeping your body skin smooth and silky, while keeping off all unwanted hair along the underarms, arms, legs and other regions that feature coarser hair.

The Silk-Epil epilator series, however, is designed to be much smoother, gentler and better equipped to handle not just regular full body epilation, but trimming, shaving and gentle facial care. All that is possible due to their versatile accessories designed for various, specific uses – including facial hair removal. You can also see here our review of the best epilators for the whole body.

Silk Epil 9 Epilators

These are some of the most highly advanced and well-received Braun Silk-Epil epilators. They are available at an excellent price and feature and even more refined design than the Silk-Epil 7, with skin contour adaptation technology that allows the device to smoothly adjust its performance according to your body’s contour.

Thanks to its unique design and skin-soothing features, the Braun Silk-Epil 9 can ensure gentle, long-lasting hair removal regardless of whether you need it for your face, arms, bikini area or any other sensitive or difficult to reach region of the body. Read our full review of the Braun silk Epil 9 here.

Silk Epil 7 Epilators

Silk Epil 7 is a set of painless and well-designed epilators that feature six different accessories for anything from trimming hair in sensitive areas to ensuring maximum skin contact.

These epilators can run for 40 minutes on a full charge, and feature two speed settings that allow you to adapt their performance to your own skin type. They are 100{91811810f670a3842b43e9d3a4934fb39ff41e3614a4510a40bbc86c11a76018} waterproof, and the experts at Braun have also included special features such as smartlight lighting to allow for perfect visibility while shaving or epilating.

Aside from the advanced and easy to attach facial cap designed to remove unwanted facial hair fast, the epilator also comes with a precision cap, trimmer cap, efficiency cap and shaver head.

Philips HP6401 Satinelle Epilator

Phillips’ Satinelle is one of the most affordable, yet highly compact and performance-driven facial epilator designed by the famous manufacturer. The epilation system is designed to remove hair from the root, you get two well-chosen speed levels for optimal results, and the device is equipped with handy features like an ergonomic grip design and washable epilation head.

The Phillips epilator can handle even coarse hair with no problem, and users say it delivers fast results while presenting you with practical benefits such as an extra long cord, an efficiency cap designed for sensitive skin and the easy-to-remove washable head design.

While buying separate epilators for your face and body may seem like an additional investment, it can actually save you money in the long run. A facial epilator is affordable, and it will take the additional load off your regular full-body epilator. With proper care and maintenance the best facial epilator and full body epilator devices will far exceed their warranty specifications and may even last you a lifetime.

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