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Microcurrent stimulation has definitely caught on in recent years, and if you look on major retail sites you’ll find that the best microcurrent machines are much easier to obtain and more affordable than they used to be.

By getting adequately informed about the positive points associated with this highly convenient form of cosmetic therapy, and learning how to choose your own high quality machine for home use, you can enjoy a more comfortable, natural looking and overall healthier complexion with minimal effort.

Why You Should Use a Microcurrent Machine

Microcurrent therapy is now widely used in hospitals, and with the advancement of modern technology you can get your own convenient microcurrent machine to use at home. But what is this type of treatment all about, and why should you even use it?

There are several important benefits to the use of microcurrent therapy:

  • Microcurrent stimulation was initially developed to help patients with facial palsy. It is designed to re-educate your facial muscles and promote what is called “non-surgical face lifting and toning.”
  • It also has the benefit of improving your blood and lymph circulation.
  • If you use various skin care formulas, you’ll find they will be more effective due to the microcurrent device’s ability to enhance the absorption of their active ingredients.
  • With the help of these treatments you will also experience an increase in collagen and elastin production.
  • Mitochondria activity, cell membrane transport and protein synthesis will be significantly improved.

Additionally, the machines themselves are very affordable, and you don’t need any special skills to learn how to use them properly. The convenience of having one at home and avoiding visits to your doctor is well worth the cost.

Microcurrent Machine Safety Tips

The electric current used by microcurrent machines works at sub-sensory levels, so you will usually be experiencing very low frequency, low-current (close to .1 of an amp) impulses that you won’t even feel. Generally it is deemed safe, and there are zero side effects; however, you will have to take a few safety precautions as well:

  • Do not use on eyelids.
  • Don’t use it much longer or more frequently than recommended in your device’s instruction manual.
  • Avoid microcurrent therapy if you have a pacemaker.
  • Also avoid these treatments and devices if you have any of the following conditions: epilepsy, melanoma, and varicose veins. Diabetes and bell’s palsy should also warrant a few additional precautions, and you should always ask your doctor first.

How to Use the Microcurrent Machine

Using microcurrent stimulation right will be the main factor leading to success or failure. Fortunately, the devices themselves are mostly made to be extremely easy to use, so you won’t have much difficulty in getting them to work just right.

Before the treatment, you have to apply a water-based gel to the area. It will help enhance conductivity and make the device more comfortable. Then you simply have to turn the device on, gently press the electrodes onto the skin, and use the device to massage the skin through slow, light horizontal and vertical movements.

Now, remember that microcurrent therapy is like a type of physical exercise – you have to do it regularly, and sessions have to be performed in consistent series followed by regular maintenance treatments. Additional sessions will help the body produce more ATP (cellular energy) that will support constant muscle tone increase and give you the results you seek.

Project E Beauty Microcurrent

Project E Beauty Microcurrent

I’ve tried out a few really comfortable and well-designed microcurrent machines that offer a lot of advantages for an overall affordable price. Among the best of them is the Project E Beauty microcurrent device.

This is a somewhat more complex machine using a two-part treatment based on desincrustation and iontophoresis. I’ve also found it to be extremely easy to use, as well as portable, rechargeable and wireless in operation.

I noticed a change pretty quickly using this device. After the first few sessions it already makes your skin look and feel more vibrant and comfortable. It’s also very convenient, and I only noticed a light tingling sensation while using it.

Biosincron beauty Star Microcurrent Face Lift Device

Biosincron Beauty Star - Microcurrent Face Lift Device

If you’re looking to get rid of cellulite, puffy eyes, loose skin and even wrinkles, the Biosincron is quite possibly your best option for it. The device uses a special waveform and frequency to exercise, stimulate and relax your face muscles in a much more complex and effective fashion than most microcurrent machines.

Despite its complexity, I found this device fairly easy to use – largely because of the detailed instructions it came with. Using it every day for 25 minutes for about a week already gave me excellent results, and I only had to continue with maintenance runs afterwards. Also, one great thing about the Biosincron is that it can run for about 100 hours on its 9V battery which has a shelf life of about 5 years – definitely a great asset!

Eye Zone Lifting Massager

Eye Zone Lifting Massager

The Eye Zone is a straightforward portable massager using microcurrent to promote a beautiful, smooth and youthful complexion. It’s probably one of the lightest devices I’ve tried out, and it’s easy to maneuver and use overall.

I was surprised at how strong this little device is. I actually never even got close to level 5, since the lower levels were quite enough, and with short 15-minute sessions the effects were already visible. The machine actually helped me rejuvenate my eyes a great deal more than any of the other devices.

Skin Care Experts Microcurrent Face Lift

Skin Care Experts Microcurrent Face Lift

This painless, effective and user friendly microcurrent device is designed to adequately stimulate the skin cells and restore the tone muscles in the face. It produces up to about 0.05-0.35 uA, and the directions are extremely clear, so you won’t have any trouble using it as soon as you get it.

I found this unit to be remarkably versatile despite using such a small current. I used it for only 10 minutes every day, and found that it’s incredibly effective both for my cheek muscles, and for areas around the upper arms, neck and even under the eyes. Like all the other listed microcurrent devices, it is also quite inexpensive, as well as long lasting.

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