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Our Top Pick of The Best Lady Shavers on The Market 2017

Finding the best lady shaver on the market is not an easy task with all the remarkably diverse devices currently available. You have to know precisely what you’re looking for and which types of devices you truly require.

Do you need a small, lightweight and portable shaver with long battery life and minimal technological features? Maybe you’re looking for a waterproof device that is sturdier than average, and can also be used in the shower. You will find many of the most essential answers about these devices provided as follows.

What to Look for in Your Preferred Lady Shaver Device

There are two basic types of lady shavers depending on their construction: rotary shavers and foil shavers. The first uses a mechanism that consists of small circular cutters on the shaving head which pull and eliminate unwanted hairs as you move the shaver across your skin in circular motions. The second option makes use of blades moving back and forth to remove hairs trapped on a thin rectangular mesh that comes in contact with the skin as you use the shaver.

Each of the designs presented above has its own pros and cons. While foil shavers can offer a smoother and closer shave in some areas, they are less convenient when dealing with contours, while the preference of shaving either up and down or in a rotary motion also plays a key role in the selection process.

You can also choose between wet and dry shavers, choosing either to dry shave after washing up, or lather and shave using special creams and formulas when you have more time. Some devices have both functionalities in one.

Another selection criteria involves corded vs. cordless – also a major factor depending on your preference and lifestyle. Cordless devices are more portable and convenient overall, while corded ones will never let you down, ensuring an ideal shave during every session.

Top Brands and Choices

Panasonic, Phillips, Remington and Braun are some of the best lady shaver brands available on the market not only because of their consistency and the resilience of the devices they produce, but also as a result of the high end technology and careful attention to detail they use in the manufacturing of their shavers and epilators.

The following are some of the most advanced, well-designed and versatile shavers currently available on the market. You’ll find their quality and durability level, as well as their prices make them both practical and advantageous.


Panasonic ES2216PC Close Curves Women’s

The Panasonic ES2216PC is an advanced, pivot action shaver for women that is especially designed to tackle body contours as efficiently as possible. Its four independently floating heads offer a smooth and painless shaving experience, and the device also includes special features like the snap-on bikini trimmer attachment to help you groom the bikini area safely and conveniently.

Unlike a lot of wet/dry shavers, this one doesn’t irritate your skin, allows you to dry shave conveniently whenever you want, and ensures that your hair will not grow back as soon after using it.

Braun Silk-épil LS5160WD Lady Shaver

The S5160WD is one of the most successful products from the Brain Silk-epil series. This device easily adapts to body contours, and features an extra gentle rounded head design that can further be enhanced by three special accessories: a bikini trimmer, exfoliation attachment and a hi-tech OptiShave attachment.

Reviews point to the Silk-epil as a well-balaced, easy to hold and versatile device. Shaving is quick and painless, while the device is also more quiet than most shavers, and it doesn’t cause any irritation.

Philips SatinShave Advanced Wet & Dry Cordless Shaver

The Phillips SatinShave uses Phillips’ innovative single floating foil technology to ensure fast and precise results on all areas – from legs and bikini lines to arms and underarms.

The shaver is considered highly refined and well-designed, using Phillips’ technology for increased efficiency and irritation-free shaving. It offers equally good quality for both wet and dry shaving, and you can even use it at your convenience during your bath or shower.

Remington WDF4840

Remington’s double foil construction was fitted ideally on the WDF4840 to ensure a smooth and silky skin, quick and comfortable shaving results and cordless functionality with an integrated flexible trimmer that will capture even those bothersome stray hairs that usually tend to escape.

According to most reviews the Remington is the ideal choice for wet shaving, offering a close shave and fast results without much difficulty and without any pain. For dry shaving it’s usually best for touch-ups, although it can offer a close enough shave depending on the coarseness of your hair.


There are, of course, many other advanced shavers you can consider. However, these products were rated highest by both experts and regular buyers who have used them in the past. Choosing the best lady shaver for your own specific needs from among these products will not only provide you with a comfortable and a convenient experience, but also with painless, practical hair removal long term.