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Best Makeup Brushes

Applying makeup can be really fun, and if you’re like me, you’ve been doing it since your first days of high school, or even much earlier for some. We’ve all come a long way since then, but what really helps sometimes is not so much our skill, but the tools we use. One of the most important of these tools is the makeup brush.

If you want to find the best makeup brush, I’ve listed quite a practical selection below. Knowing how to choose and tend to your makeup brush, however, is equally important as choosing the most affordable ones from the best brands.

How to Choose the Correct Make Up Brush

Choosing the right type of brush is not just a question of preference. Opting for brushes made from natural materials, rather than synthetic fibers, can offer you a much softer and more effective tool to work with. Some great options are brushes made from pony, goat and sable hair, while the most expensive, but also the softest kind are made out of blue squirrel hair.

Another great tip is to find brushes with a dome shaped tip. The dome shape bristles act to roll more easily on the surface of the skin and distribute the material with greater ease. Also, you’ll find it much easier to control the brush and maintain accuracy due to its curved shape.

It’s also good to remember that there are lots of different brushes with specific purposes. In the beginning, it’s better to start with the most basic products designed for your everyday makeup needs. These should include: a concealer brush, blush brush, foundation brush, eye shadow brush and slanted eye shadow brush.

How to Clean Your Make Up Brushes

The main reason why it’s a good idea to invest in higher quality, expensive natural brushes is that they are more effective; but you also have to keep in mind all the proper maintenance and cleaning tasks. These high quality brushes can last a lifetime as long as you know how to clean them properly.

Cleaning is done once a month by swishing your makeup brushes in a cup of warm water mixed with a little shampoo. The mixture has to be stirred thoroughly in advance for best results. Once they are clean, rinse the brushes and lay them flat on a towel until they dry. In the Video above they use vineger which is good if you have not washed your brushes in a while and you really need to get the colour back in the brush. If you are cleaning your brushes regular shampoo will do the trick.

Make Up Brushes vs. Sponges

Most experts will agree that using a makeup brush or a sponge is much better than using your fingers. But which of the two options is actually better when it comes to doing your makeup right?

It’s true that sponges are an inexpensive, lightweight choice for foundation, but they also require extensive prior preparation, and they absorb a lot of the product – not to mention that they aren’t very environmentally friendly.

A reliable make up brush on the other hand can be one of the fastest makeup tools, if used properly. It will blend the foundation just right to give you an ideal, airbrushed look, it’s hygienic, and it offers outstanding coverage. Moreover, makeup brushes are great for getting liquid foundation into areas that are normally difficult to access.

Here Are the Top 5 Best Brushes You Can Really Use

Following are five of the most well-designed, softest and most durable brushes available at a good enough price. You’ll also find that they are very easy to use, so you don’t have to worry about having to spend a lot of time just learning how to use them.

KINGMAS Oval makeup Brush

1. KINGMAS® Oval Makeup Brush

I decided to try the Kingmas mainly due to it being so popular – it has hundreds of positive reviews. It’s also marketed to be compact and easy to use, and it uses durable fiber brush hair material. You can use it with anything from powder and cream, to primers and moisturizers without much difficulty.

Overall, I found this to be an extremely high quality brush. The handle was very comfortable, and it’s very soft compared to most of the other brushes I used in the past. Also, what I really liked about it was that the bristles don’t come off even when I tried applying extra pressure – very durable and highly recommended!

BS MALL Makeup Brush Set

2. BS-MALL Makeup Brush Set

The BS-Mall is even more popular, and the price is insanely low for all the benefits it has to offer. The bold handle, high quality material and high density of the bristles are the main positive points of this high quality makeup brush.

I found it to be remarkably soft and ideal for applying both liquid makeup and cream density products. It works very well on the flatter areas of the fact, but it’s actually great for almost any use. Also, you’ll hardly be able to tell that it’s synthetic, since the brush feels even better than many genuine natural products.

BESTOPE Makeup Brushes

3. BESTOPE Makeup Brushes

I had a fun time using the Bestope makeup brush set. Designed with premium high quality brush hair, the product will keep its integrity for a long time, even if you’re pretty rough while using any of the brushes.

My experience with the brushes basically says you can’t get this kind of quality for the price anywhere else. They are ideal for applying both soft and hard powder, and they’re extremely easy to clean.

Real Techniques Core Collection Set

4. Real Techniques Core Collection Set

This high quality brush set looks about as good as it works. The design of the brushes allows for smooth and even application, and the unique bristles are non-porous, so they don’t trap or absorb any of the product.

I actually bought this collection to keep as a travel makeup brush set. They worked incredibly well, and I was incredibly satisfied with their softness and the excellent quality of the handles that easily maintained their quality even after several washing cycles.

Emax Design Makeup Brush

5. EmaxDesign Makeup Brush Set

This is a collection of 12 high quality pieces at a price that no other product can beat. The high quality, soft materials used are perfect for applying liquids, powders and creams with greater ease than I could have anticipated.

What I really loved was just how much I could get out of these excellent brushes. They have a good size, they can multitask, and they behave perfectly both during the makeup application process and during cleaning.

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