Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick Review

Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation

After being pestered by a few of my friends to try it out, I finally gave in and bought the Bobbi Brown skin foundation stick. Even though I didn’t expect much at first, I was intrigued by what some other reviews had to say about it on the world wide web, and pleasantly surprised by my own extremely positive experience with it!

The Bobbi Brown is a nude foundation now featuring a unique transparent base, as well as skin tone correction pigments that made me glad that I got it. It’s based on olive extracts and shea butter, as well as oil-controlling minerals that reduce shine, while keeping your skin looking silky and smooth all day long.

The Best Way to Apply the Foundation

The texture of this foundation is similar to that of a cream, but quite dry when you touch it. This means it’s not overly easy to apply, so you have to take note of a few special considerations.

First of all, even though it blends quite well no matter how you use it, you may want to avoid applying it with your fingers. A bufling brush would be a much more suitable alternative for the Bobbi Brown skin foundation stick, since you can enjoy a more seamless finish and an overall easier and more convenient experience.

The second thing to take note of is that, even with a brush, applying it will require prior moisturizing. So always use moisturizer beforehand for quite perfect results, and you’ll find the coverage will be just right as well.

It’s also a good idea to let the moisturizer dry down for a little while before applying the product. That way you can avoid the issue of having it cling to dry patches of skin. In just a few minutes it will settle down quite ideally, and it will do a great job covering all the dark circles, even on its own.

The Benefits of Using the Foundation

Although it might be a bit of a challenge to apply, the Bobbi Brown skin foundation stick is actually much less cumbersome and more convenient than many other foundations you might think of using.

Also, it comes with a few important positive points I’ve found while using it that you will definitely want to take note of:

  • Upon using it, I found the Bobbi Brown to be one of the best foundations I used due to the natural, genuine “skin-like” look it promoted.
  • The natural formula is designed specifically to be applied to any type of skin, and the product is great for sensitive skin as well.
  • Unlike most foundation products, the Bobbi Brown stays on after you sweat, and it doesn’t accentuate pores or fine lines.
  • It’s also very gentle and lightweight – you’ll forget that you’re even wearing it.
  • What I found is that the Bobbi Brown is remarkably resilient. In the evening usually most lipsticks and blushes were already fading, but my new foundation kept its integrity without a problem – definitely a good plus!
  • It’s always a good sign when a cosmetic product is promoted by a well-known magazine or company. The Bobbi Brown foundation received numerous awards, and it was featured in publications such as Elle and Glamour Magazine.

Best Skin Type for the Foundation

The Bobbi Brown foundation stick comes in 24 highly natural color choices that look like actual skin colors. On paper it actually looks great – it’s marketed for all skin types, so you’re sure to get some great results with it, right?

Well with the Bobbi Brown I found it’s actually true. In my case the color shade I used matched my skin tone just perfectly. But what’s also true about this product is that it’s probably the only foundation that blends in with medium-dark skin tones without a problem – an excellent asset and a unique advantage.

So if you have a slightly deeper, Indian skin tone, and you’re tired of spending a LOT of money on expensive foundations that don’t even work, give the Bobbi Brown skin foundation stick a try.

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