Curlformers Styling Kit Review

Curlformers Styling Kit

If you’re tired of heat-based hair curlers and hair styling products that damage your hair, Curlformers’ alternative will definitely bring a broad smile to your face. This styling kit is designed to help you create a perfect set of curls without any heat and without putting unwanted pressure on your hair.

Hair damage, inconvenient use and the danger of getting serious burns from your curling iron will be a thing of the past. Having tried the Curlformers styling kit myself, I can fully attest to its remarkable benefits and the very real positive results it delivers. ​Read my Curlformers styling kit review below.

How to Use the Styling Kit

Using the styling kit is fairly straightforward, and you’ll find the whole process of applying the flexible Curlformers will only take a few minutes, after which you generally have to dry your hair for up to 30 minutes (or longer if you’re using the extra-long Curlformers).

First you have to prepare your hair by washing it and applying any conditioners or hair styling products you may choose. These are not necessary, however. All you really need is to wash your hair, dry it off, and get to work applying the Curlformers to get the style you want.

To apply them properly, you’ll need the hooks provided in the package. There are two hooks – for clockwise and anti-clockwise Curlformers – and basically what you do is pull the Curlformers onto the hooks until they’re wrapped around them all the way. Since there are only two hooks, you will have to take turns using them for each Curlformer until you’re finish – which can take about 10 minutes in total, depending on how used to them you already are.

What you do next is to separate a section of your hair that is about half an inch in thickness, and secure the base of the section with the hook. After that just pull the hook out of your Curlformer, allowing the hair section to slide through it. Repeat the process for each Curlformer you want to use – according to the style you have in mind. Make sure you use the appropriate Curlformers where you want either anti-clockwise or clockwise curls.

Curlformers Styling Kit

Tips on How to Get the Perfect Curl

Corkscrew curls, barrel curls, spiral curls and any other type of curl you can think of can easily be obtained without the need for cumbersome hair styling products that can severely damage your beautiful hair. The Curlformers styling kit will see to it that you get the most impressive range and flexibility when seeking to quickly and painlessly get perfect curls.

Following are a few of the tips I found to work in helping me get the very best results with the Curlformers:

  • The first thing to do is select the right size styling kit and choose a narrow or wide selection of Curlformers, based on the style you want to use.
  • You can even combine certain sizes and lengths for a more sophisticated hairstyle.
  • To give your curls some extra strength, always shampoo, condition and towel dry your hair first, and then apply a mousse or styling product evenly throughout the hair sections you want to curl.
  • In the end, you can either leave your curls as they are to keep perfect party curls, run your fingers through your hair multiple times to combine some of the curls and get a wavier look, or even use a brush in some areas to slightly straighten your hair while keeping it perfectly curly in other locations. You basically have complete creative freedom here.

How to Choose the Correct Size Styling Kit

The Curlformers styling kits are available in various sizes ranging from shorter to long and extra-long hair. Whether or not any of the kits will work for you generally depends on the length of your hair, so make sure you use the tips presented below in determining which of the kits to select.

First of all, measure your hair. The large kit can already support hair measuring up to 14 inches in length. This doesn’t mean your hair has to measure 14 inches, but it can be shorter as well. You simply have to do the measurements to figure out whether your hair is long enough to use any of the kits.

The Extra Long Curlformer kit contains 40 (20 clockwise and 20 anti-clockwise) quality Curlformers that can each support hair measuring up to 22 inches in length. If your hair reaches down to your waist, this is the product for you.

It’s easy to determine the length and size of any Curlformers you buy based on their color:

  • Orange and pink are extra-long and wide;
  • Yellow and magenta is reserved for long and extra wide;
  • Blue and green colored Curlformers are used for narrow hair sections – both long and short.

You won’t usually need more than a single set of Curlformers unless your hair is unusually rich and thick. In most cases, however, you’ll find that the quality Curlformers styling kit will give you the high volume, healthy, beautiful curls you always wanted without any hair damage.

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