Elite Eye Serum Review

Elite Eye Serum

Until recently, Botox injections and plastic surgery were the only true way to look much younger once all those wrinkles and lines start settling in. Unfortunately, those procedures cost a lot, and they’re definitely not without risks and side effects – especially after prolonged use.

Enter the Elite Eye Serum: this high quality beauty product is simply applied on the skin to conveniently reduce dark circles and wrinkles around the eye, and make you look and feel younger and more beautiful in no time at all.

I must admit, I was very skeptical about the “supposed” abilities and benefits of the Elite serum at first, but trying it on my own skin left me pleasantly surprised. Even though it’s not exactly Botox, it comes about as close as any similar product has in recent years, minimizing fine lines, reducing the appearance of dark circles and making you look years younger!

Introducing the Elite Eye Serum

The Elite Eye Serum is designed to improve your appearance, restore and revitalize skin tissue, and get rid of those pesky lines and wrinkles. It uses a proprietary blend of powerful ingredients to help it do just that, and it has a significant history behind it, making it both one of the most loved and among the most thoroughly researched anti-aging eye serum formulas on the market today.

My friends have been literally begging me to try out this revolutionary product, and I’m actually very glad I did. Although it’s a little on the expensive side for someone on a budget, the price is hundreds of times lower than what you’d have to spend on plastic surgery, and it’s money well-spent!

How to Use the Eye Serum

When I first started using it, I was surprised at the painstaking attention to detail that went into making this product. From the formula itself, to the delivery method and the instructions you get when you buy the product, everything seems to have been checked, double checked and triple checked about a dozen times before the Elite serum was even released to the public.

Despite all that, the serum is actually extremely easy to use. It has to be applied before using moisturizer or makeup, it is absorbed very quickly by the skin, and it in no way interferes with your other makeup or beauty products.

The first thing you need to do is wash your face, properly dry it off with a towel, and get the serum. What I really loved about it is that you don’t have to dip your finger into the bottle and worry about contaminating it with germs or dead skin cells. The Elite serum comes with a syringe that keeps the product completely sealed and isolated until you depress the plunger and have a small drop of the serum placed on your finger.

You’ll find it’s more than enough to use, and it doesn’t feel slimy or unpleasant at all. Simply spread it under and over each eye until it gets absorbed (which should be in a matter of seconds) and you’re all set. After that, you can apply moisturizer and your preferred choice of makeup.

Elite Eye Serum

Eye Serum Ingredients

The ingredients included in the eye serum are all selected to ensure perfect results in helping keep the aging process back, and keep the area around your eyes look completely rejuvenated.

The Elite product contains peptides that are geared toward improving the appearance of the skin, while also containing ingredients like Haloxyl which was chosen to help increase the blood circulation in the area and promote decreased sensitivity and puffiness. It also helps to eliminate the dark circles around the eyes.

You also have Matrixyl 3000 – which is a powerful compound used in most eye serums to accelerate the process of repairing the tissue around the eyes – and Syn-Coll. The latter is a proprietary blend of various ingredients meant to make the skin cells more elastic, increase the amount of collagen produced by the body and prevent new wrinkles from forming.

How Long Before the Eye Serum Produces Results?

While the serum doesn’t seem to work very quickly, in the world of anti-aging, the week you have to wait before visible results start appearing is quite a revolutionary time span, when you think of the far less impressive results that other creams and serums display after 1-2 months of use.

Basically, you only have to use the Elite eye serum once a day, and apply a single drop with your syringe to get all the benefits it has to offer. In the meantime there are no special considerations you have to keep track of and – best of all – you get about 1-2 months' worth of drops, so you should definitely get the results you want without having to buy the product a second time.

In my case, I found that the serum already started making me feel better before the first week was over, and after 10 days I had already seen significant improvements in the puffiness and aspect of the skin around my eyes.

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