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Epilating V Waxing How Do They Compare

Epilating V Waxing ComparisonThe issue of epilating v waxing has been a topic of interest ever since the first electric epilators came on the market in the mid-1980s. Depending on what you’re looking for, both waxing and epilating can be suitable choices for efficient hair removal. While waxing may be the professional, yet expensive method of choice for most, the use of a convenient, portable and ergonomically designed epilator for a gentler and more comfortable hair removal experience has become increasingly popular in recent years.

 The Main Advantages of Epilating

What’s so special about an electric epilator? Aside from the fact that the number of brands and high quality devices available today has grown exponentially and the prices of high end epilators have dropped even more, there are a few important practical and comfort-related benefits you should consider when buying an epilator, especially when comparing it with waxing:

  1. First it’s important to mention the pricing difference. Hair removal methods such as waxing can cost a lot of money, and you have to go back to the salon and pay that amount again if you want another waxing job after some time. While epilators are used more frequently, they also cost less, and can last for a long time with proper maintenance.
  2. Epilators take less than an hour to completely remove all unwanted facial and body hair. Comparatively, it can take up to two hours for a complete waxing session.
  3. If you buy a waterproof epilator you can even use it in the bathtub or while showering. Also, portable cordless epilators can be taken on business or leisure trips even at a short notice.
  4. Unlike waxing or shaving, using an epilator is not a messy process. Most epilators are used best on dry skin, and they don’t require any creams, oils or other special substances.
  5. Epilating can remove unwanted hair easily, and it will take weeks before it even starts to grow back. It’s comparatively more convenient and efficient than shaving, and it doesn’t require your hair to grow to a certain length before it can be removed – as in the case of waxing.

Our guide to the best epilators on the market is a good starting point in you are seriously considering this form of hair removal.

Is Waxing More Efficient?

Regarding epilating v waxing, there are several other important points to take into account regarding both methods of hair removal. Since waxing is established as a highly efficient hair removal method it cannot be dismissed; however, its efficiency when compared to that of a basic epilator is actually open for questioning.

Waxing can be very effective, covering large areas of the skin in a short amount of time and maintaining your hairless skin for up to 3-6 weeks. However, it can also cause irritation, redness and bumps. Additionally, waxing is long, tedious and difficult, and the process can be messy and sticky.

Modern epilators almost reach the same results as a trip to the beauty salon. The best epilators can remove even the smallest hairs (as tiny as 0.02 mm), cover all parts of the body, and eliminate the risk of unsightly hair regrowth.

When it comes to the issue of epilating v waxing, personal preference will always carry a lot of weight overall; however, considering the points presented above it is undeniable that modern day, high quality epilators are gaining a significant amount of ground even when pitted against the best waxing methods available today.

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