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Foreo Luna

Foreo Luna and the Clarisonic are both high quality facial cleansing brushes using advanced sonic technology. While trying both of them out, what I found was that the differences weren’t that big, and you can definitely get a lot of value out of both products.

Of course, it all varies depending on the sonic pulses each device uses, the overall construction quality and durability of the bristles, as well as the specific purpose you have in mind when using the brushes. But before we go into looking at each device in particular, let’s see what facial cleansing brushes can generally do for you, and why you might need them.

Benefits of Using Facial Cleansing Brushes

There are many great qualities associated with cleansing brushes, especially from a health related perspective. First of all, facial cleansing brushes have two crucial benefits you have to remember: they keep your pores clean, so you need fewer extractions, and can have a lot more fun and freedom with facials; and they’re also extremely good for improving circulation and lymphatic drainage.

Another great advantage is observed especially during the summer. With a cleansing brush you can get rid of all that unneeded sunscreen that you can’t remove through conventional means, preventing breakouts and keeping your skin clean and healthy.

Of course, facial cleansing brushes have to be used carefully, so avoid overuse. Newer models use advanced technology that prevent irritation on sensitive skin, or due to extensive overuse. Sonic brushes like the Foreo Luna and Clarisonic are actually considered the safest and most effective in this regard.

Luna Pros and Cons

The Foreo Luna is a high quality sonic cleaning brush using a unique design and providing fast, practical and portable usability. Here are just a few of the main positive points I found while using this brush:

  • The unique transdermal sonic technology used by the Foreo Luna is quite revolutionary, particularly since it uses silicone touch points to maximize the adequate transfer of the vibrations.
  • Unlike with other devices, you won’t have to worry about changing brush heads as often.
  • The material used for constructing the brush is non-porous, and has been promoted as 35 times more hygienic than most types of brush heads – a definite asset if you’re looking for safer and higher standards.
  • The device is very easy to use, and a single session only takes you about two minutes to complete.
  • The Foreo Luna is extremely gentle despite the more than 8,000 pulsations per minute, and if you have overly sensitive skin you’ll find this to be quite an asset.
  • I loved the job it did cleansing my face! In just three days I had a glowing, natural appearance that I can fully attest could not have appeared on its own without the use of this marvelous device.

There are, of course, a few drawbacks as well:

  • The price can be more on the expensive side, depending on your budget. There are definitely more reasonably priced items out there, but are they just as good?
  • The only other real downside to using the Foreo Luna is that it can get a little awkward and difficult maneuvering it to clean around your eyes and nose.

Clarisonic Pros and Cons

The Clarisonic is yet another high quality brush that uses sonic technology. While it’s more affordable than the Foreo Luna, it also offers fewer benefits:

  • The Clarisonic is designed to do an excellent job exfoliating dead skin and cleaning out pores. In that regard, it definitely delivers.
  • It’s used in spas, and you’ll find plenty of 5-star ratings on review sites with people recommending the brush for basic facial cleansing use.
  • It’s just about as easy to use as the Foreo Luna, and it does feel quite painless as well.
  • The device comes with a “normal” and “sensitive” brush, so you have greater freedom in case you need an extra boost of performance to get the job done.
  • There’s a 30-day money back guarantee, and the customer care service at Clarisonic is quite helpful.

Also, here is a short list with the negative points of the Clarisonic:

  • If used extensively, this brush can be quite tough on the skin. People with sensitive skin are usually advised to avoid it.
  • Results can be slower to show when compared to the Foreo Luna.
  • There are more restrictions with regards to your skin type. The Clarisonic will perform quite poorly if you don’t have a skin type that it fully supports.

Generally speaking, you can’t really beat the Foreo Luna in terms of quality and overall convenience. Although the Clarisonic isn’t as expensive, you really do get what you pay for in this case.

The bottom line, however, is that technology continues to advance, and based on comparing the quality of these two devices with what was available just a few years ago, I think we could look forward to a lot of other high quality cleansing brushes in the near future.

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