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How to Prevent Ingrowing Hairs

Preventing Ingrowing HairsRegardless of the hair removal method they prefer, most women have to deal quite often with ingrown hairs (hairs grown beneath the epidermis, after epilation or shaving). They look like small black spots on the skin or even small red areas – because ingrown hairs can get infected – making the skin look imperfect.

This problem is not related to a specific hair removal method. Some women report that the hairs appear under the skin especially after shaving, while others experience the same issue using wax or an electric epilator. Regardless of the reasons that change the direction of hairs, allowing them to grow under the skin, there are things we could do for preventing ingrowing hairs.

  • Take care of your skin. When dead cells, oil, dirt or bacteria enter in the hair follicles, hairs grow harder. To prevent ingrown hairs, clean your skin every day, keep it moisturized and exfoliate it every week, using adequate products that do not close the pores.
  • Learn to shave correctly. Soften your skin with warm water, soap or shaving cream/ foam and shave the hair in the direction of its growth, without exerting too much pressure on the skin; remember to change the blade after two or three uses. Kill bacteria after shaving. Use natural antiseptic such as tea tree oil to prevent infections. Do not wear tight clothes right after shaving. Tight clothes do not allow skin to breathe, which can lead to ingrown hairs. Furthermore, choose to wear cotton and avoid synthetic materials.
  • Use the wax or the electric epilator correctly. Clean your skin and open your pores with a warm shower. After epilation, treat your skin with special lotions that will prevent inflammation.

What’s Really Efficient in Preventing Ingrowing Hairs?

  1. Exfoliating

Ingrowing hairs remain trapped under the first layer of skin, but you can release them easily and prevent their occurrence by exfoliating your skin regularly. The exfoliation process must be gentle – otherwise, you risk irritating and infecting the area.

  1. Allowing hair follicles to breathe

You should be concerned about ingrown hairs especially during the summer or while practicing sports. Heat, sweating, as well as some types of sports clothing favor ingrown hairs. It is a good idea to use powder or other special solutions to prevent irritation and, after doing sports or significant physical effort, wash the sensitive areas to allow the hair follicles to “breathe”.

Using tweezers to remove ingrowing hairs

Be careful with this method, because you do not want to get infected. Apply a soft cloth on the area with the ingrown hair and allow it to warm and soften the skin for a few minutes. Use tweezers that you previously soaked in alcohol or boiling water to sterilize them. Stretch the skin and gently remove the ingrowing hairs with the tweezers. Once you are done, apply a skin-friendly antiseptic (tea tree oil, chamomile oil, aloe vera gel etc.).

Combine these tips anytime to prevent or take care of ingrowing hairs and you’ll have a lot less trouble when shaving or epilating.

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