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Why I Prefer Epilation Over Shaving

Shaving Compared to EpilatingToday, beauty standards include smooth, soft and hairless skin. The problem is: what can we do and what options do we have to achieve this standard quickly, effortlessly, painlessly and without excessive costs?

There are many hair removal methods, but today I will focus on epilating vs. shaving.


Shaving is probably the simplest and quickest method of hair removal, not to mention that it is also inexpensive.

There are many myths about the increased amount of hair growth after shaving, but they are false. The number of hair follicles remains the same; what changes is the growth rhythm (much faster!) and the hair texture (shaved areas produce stronger hair), which is quite a disadvantage, especially when compared with the results of other hair removal methods.

Another disadvantage of shaving is that if you do not use the razor carefully, you can cut yourself and get infected. For a proper shave, apply soap or shaving foam on the desired area, because it will allow the blade to slip more easily and reduce the risk of cuts. Always choose a quality razor, with adequate blades and flexible cap and remember to NEVER borrow it from someone else, or else you risk to get infections. You can see our guide to the best lady shavers here.


Epilation consists of pulling out the hair from the follicles and is typically done using an electric appliance. Although it may seem more of a hassle, I absolutely prefer this method over shaving. The main advantage is that hair grows back much slower, so I enjoy smooth skin for longer and have to go through the whole process a lot more rarely. Furthermore, after multiple epilation sessions, the hair doesn’t seem to grow as thick and dense anymore, as opposed to shaving.

The main disadvantage is that the process is quite painful, but you actually get used to it as time passes – plus there are many tricks you can use to ease the discomfort. Also, there are some rules that must be respected in order to enjoy the benefits of the epilating process and forget about the unwanted hair for the next couple of weeks. Epilation is definitely not something to do when you are in a hurry.

So, the question is what solution do you choose: the fast and cheap one, or the one that’s slightly more complex but provides results for a longer time? If you go with the epilator checkout our article for the top epilators currently on the market.


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