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How To Reduce The Pain Of Epilating

WoRelieving the Pain of Epilatingmen perceive the discomfort of hair removal differently – some have a higher tolerance to pain than others, but most would do anything to find some good solutions for reducing the pain of epilating as much as possible.

Here are some little tricks that you can try at home.

  1. Take a shower right before epilation

The skin must be clean, free from lotions and moisturizers. A warm shower also has the great advantage that it opens the pores, making the epilating process more easy and painless.

  1. Intensely exfoliate the skin

The short hairs, as well as the hairs partially grown into the skin, can be difficult to get caught by the rollers and the tweezers of the epilator – no matter how powerful it is. As a result, the epilator will attempt to remove them several times, during which you will experience pain. Exfoliating your skin removes dead cells and brings out those difficult and very short hairs, making them easy to catch and pull out.

  1. Consider massaging the area to be epilated

A massage can reduce the pain by stimulating blood circulation and preparing your skin for the discomfort related to the epilating process. Rub the area gently using your fingers, but remember: no massage oils or lotions, because they will only make the epilation more difficult and painful.

  1. Use ice packs

Ice is very effective for pain relief, but you must remember to use it only after the epilating process because, before epilating your skin, your goal should be opening those skin pores, not closing them – which is what ice does. Ice packs applied on the epilated skin will reduce skin inflammation, redness and discomfort.

Other things you may want to consider for reducing the pain of epilating:

  • Avoid epilating right before or during the menstruation; your skin is more sensitive during this period and you will likely experience more pain than usually
  • Do not use a razor blade between two epilating sessions, because the hair will regain its vigor and its removal will be painful. If you conscientiously use an epilator, you will notice that after a while the hair becomes thinner, grows more slowly and the epilating process will be less painful.
  • Use specially designed lotions, hydration gels or natural oils, which are gentle woth the skin (olive, argan, or coconut oil, for instance).
  • At least for a few hours after epilation, make sure to avoid tight clothes that may irritate your skin.
  • Choose a good epiltor for the whole body or a facial epilator that has a high number of tweezers.

Keep these tips in mind and you will be able to reduce the pain of epilating considerably.

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