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Rio Total Body Waxing Kit Review

Rio Total Body Waxing Kit Review

Sometimes it can be hard to find a hair removing solution that works on every area of the body.The Rio Total Body Waxing Kit has got the user covered with that particular problem. The kit comes with two different types of wax that help remove the hair from certain areas of the body.The soft wax removes hair from arms and legs. Men can use the soft wax for hair on their back,legs, and chest as well. The hard wax is for more sensitive hair on the body such as the bikini line, underarms, and facial area. Read on to find out if the RioTotal Body Waxing Kit is right for you.

Using the Rio Total Body Waxing Kit

The Rio Total Body Waxing Kit comes with a wax heater, one container of hard wax, one container of soft wax, one heating cup, a spatula, one box of paper strips, one waxer, an equipment cleaner, one container of cleaning fluid, and the instructional guide (DVD). At first glance all that stuff may seem to be a bit overwhelming. But don’t let that scare you. The RioTotal Body Waxing Kit may come with a lot of bells and whistles, but it isn’t overly complicated to use.

The company includes an instructional DVD with the waxing kit and the company highly advises the user to watch it before using the kit. This is actually a great service to the consumer. By actually seeing how the kit is supposed to be used, this can help lessen the number of accidents from using the kit. The company also urges the user to do a small patch test on the skin before using as well. That way, if you happen to be allergic to the wax, you’ll know before it is all over your body. One last tip that is mentioned on the Amazon product page is that the user should wash and dry the area before using the wax. This helps eliminate the body’s natural oils so that the wax can stick to the hair more thoroughly.

Soft Wax

To get the soft wax ready, put a small amount into the heating cup. Place the cup of wax into the heater and turn it on to start melting. You should stir the wax into it looks similar to syrup. Next,using the spatula, apply a thin coat of wax to the desired area. Rub the paper strip over the wax and pull the paper off quickly. Make sure it is in the opposite direction as the hair growth.

Hard Wax

The preparation of the hard wax works the exact same way except that the consistency of the wax should look like honey. Apply the wax with the spatula once again, make sure the coating is thick and even. The strips should be no wider than one inch.Allow the wax to cool until it is hard but still pliable. Pull the paper off quickly and make sure it is in the opposite direction as the hair growth.


You cannot use this product on any loose skin, any areas showing signs of varicose veins, any types of skin diseases, cuts, irritations, moles, warts,sunburn, diabetes, phlebitis, and recent scar tissue. If you have any type of skin issues it may be best to consult your doctor before using.Wax can also be messy and can burn you if you are not careful.

Final Thoughts

In the UK, the Rio Total Body Waxing Kit is actually pretty affordable although in the US it has a slightly higher price tag. This product would be great for those ladies out there that love to get regular waxings at their favorite local salon. This product pretty much brings the salon to you. Never having to leave your house again for a wax is pretty tempting. Not to mention it could save you a ton of money in the long run. Men can also use it as well if they so choose to.Though, those with any serious skin conditions should probably stay away. The hot wax could worsen the skin. However, you can always ask your doctor if you are very interested in the kit.Remember to always be careful when using hot wax. You could easily burn the skin.Wax can also be very messy. But the company thought of that and even included a nifty cleaning agent. This makes the clean job go by much faster. All in all, for what is included in the kit, this really does seem like a great deal. The company really put a lot of thought into exactly what the customer would need.

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