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Tips For Epilating the Bikini Lines

I feel as if though epilation is not as widely recognized as a hair removal method as much as shaving, waxing, and laser hair removal is. Epilation means to remove from the root and an epilator is a device that allows you to do so. With regular use of an epilator, you will be able to slow down the growth of your hair and therefore you will eventually have to shave or Epilate less. This is certainly a blessing, especially when shaving a sensitive area such as the bikini line. Here are some helpful tips when using an epilator on the bikini line.

Does it Hurt?

Most companies may put on the box that the device is painless, however this isn’t always the case. You are removing the hair from the root (multiple hairs at that), so of course there will be a bit of pain involved. It is usually worse for those with coarser hair, however the pain is far from agonizing.

Tips for Epilating your Bikini Line

Epilation can cause some irritation. Most beauty gurus advise that you epilate 24 hours before any big event, thus giving the irritation time to dissipate. It is also suggested that you epilate after you are take a warm bath or shower. That way you are relaxed and the warmness of the water will make the hair easier to remove. This is especially true for bikini line hair removal. It is always suggested that when waxing or shaving that area, you should first take a bath. So, naturally the same would be said for epilation. Be sure to run the epilator in the way that the hair grows in order to avoid ingrown hairs.

Many modern epilators have rechargeable batteries and can be used wet or dry. This allows the user to be able to use them in the shower and use the optional shaving cream or gel. The cream and/or gel product can also cut down on the pain and irritation that is associated with the device.The epilator does not need any parts to be replaced as well.

The Best Epilators to Use on Your Bikini Area

Panasonic ES-ED90-P Wet & Dry Epilator

Panasonic ES-ED90-P Wet & Dry Epilator

The Panasonic epilator is a cordless wet and dry epilator, which means that you can use it both in and out of the shower or bathtub. The head is also made to be gentler with areas such as the bikini line. The blade is also hypo-allergic, since we knowhow sensitive that area on the body can get.

The dual speed model helps you to adjust the speed. Those with more sensitive skin will need to remove the hair at a slower pace than others. Another useful feature is the built in light, as this can be a tough area to get to.

Emjoi Soft Caress Epilator

Emjoi Soft Caress Epilator

The Emjoi Soft Caress is perfect for the bikini line area because it is of the less painful epilators on the market. The Emjoi Soft Caress t comes with a pair of hypoallergenic tweezers. In case,the epilator misses a spot or two. There is also a massaging finger attachment that sounds a little creepy, but it actually gives you a massage while epilating to cut down on pain.

Philips Satinelle Epilator

Phillips Satinelle Epilator

The efficiency cap on the Philips Epilator provides for gentle epilation to cut down on any pain.It also has an ergonomic grip for easier use and the head is washable. While most epilators have multiple settings, the Philips Satinelle actually only has two (gentle and efficient). This would normally seem like a con, however, the Philips Santinelle can remove hair as short as 0.5millimeter, that’s pretty impressive for two settings. But the hair should be no longer than 1.5 centimeters.

Final Thoughts

It is important to remember that if you have any type of skin conditions, skin diseases, or diabetes you should not be epilating. It can be disastrous for your condition. If you are unsure if you fall into any of these categories, consult your doctor before using an epilator.

Epilators are a very affordable and hassle free solution to hair removal. But with any piece of technology it is important to be careful when using them.Remember the proper way to shave and use water or gels and creams when epilating a sensitive area like the bikini line. Not only will it make the hair removal easier, but it will also cut down on the pain that an epilator sometimes provides.

Before buying an epilator, do some research and find out what the best one to suit your personal needs is. Do you need an extra feature to cut down on pain? Do you need a light in order to seethings easier? These are important things to consider. With the right tools at your disposal, hair removal will be a breeze. If you are looking to do more than just your bikini line with an epilator you might want to look at the epiltors listed in this article .

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